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The best preserved medieval town in Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber fits the word romantic perfectly. Walk the wall that encircles Rothenburg to get various perspectives of architecture in the middle ages (as well as a lot of exercise). Climb to the top of the Rothenburg Town Hall Tower (circa 1250-1400) for the wide angle view of Rothenburg and surrounding, mostly pastoral countryside. To feel the excitement of a medieval traveler as he approached this then important town, view Rothenburg's incomparable silhouettes from the plateau across the Tauber River Valley (in the direction of the village of Schwarzenbronn) and from the ancient double vaulted bridge on the valley floor. (more text)

The whole walled town of Rothenburg is a museum. The wall connects five medieval gates complete with guard towers that date from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries. Just walk along Rothenburg's narrow cobblestone streets and admire the gothic, renaissance, and baroque houses and fountains. You may wish that you had lived in these prettier, quieter, slow times. A visit to the Rothenburg Crime Museum, with its extensive display of instruments of torture and execution should bring you back to reality. Besides itself, Rothenburg offers a complete card of good medieval concerts, festivals, plays from the middle ages, guided walks, historic hotels and restaurants, gothic churches, art exhibits, museums, suits of armor, and great Franken wine, to name only a few. (back)

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